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component package Delphi and C++ Builder VCL components

Accelerate your development in RAD studio with Rosi components, dialogs and prepared solutions.

All Rosi components are derived from standard components and can simply replace standard components without losing current settings and with no code modification. Developers can start using it immediately without a long learning curve. Batch replacement of components for existing project can be done by prepared DFM file property updater tool.

All packages support 32+64bit target and are compatible with Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder from version 2010, XE-XE8 to the last version 12. Current version also supports High-DPI application.


component package Advanced VCL components

  • HTML Label - multi line label with HTML support including hyperlink (email, http, user defined event), word wrap, bevel, shadow, ellipsis, hint...
  • GroupBox Ex - impressive GroupBox with colored caption, heading and frame, gradient or image background, minimize button and function, complex support for auto alignment and resizing of all owned controls after resize (much more powerful than GridPanel)
  • StringGrid Ed updated - complex StringGrid with columns property, inplace editor supports rich text, picklists, datetime and color picker, checkbox, numeric checking and formatting, multiple lines in cell with word wraps, auto hints, copy/paste to/from Excel, data sorting, drag and drop support, many new events...
  • HTML ListView - enhanced ListView with HTML multiline caption and hint text, extended Item Object with definition of Text, Hint, Image and any item data, new Icon Options with all design settings (icon size, colors, frames, alignments), new events for getting item properties and custom drawing
  • TabControlEx + PageControlEx - enhanced TabControl and PageControl providing themed or user defined looks, close tab buttons with style hook, definable popup menu for each tab, additional button and HTML label in right border, events for setting tab properties and custom drawing
  • Memo Ex - improved Memo with highlighting of words or text parts, contain new popup menu with Find function
  • RichEdit - improved Rich Edit with new popup menu, extended formatting, text height calculation and drawing to any canvas
  • ComboBox Ex - improved Combobox with multicolumn auto-width dropdown list, new event to define list item properties and internal UpdateTimer for delayed event after text modification
  • ImageZoom - JPEG+PNG support, zooming, scrolling, editing, background color and text...
  • HTML Hint - HTMLHint component providing enhanced hint window with images, HTML and RichText support
  • Other improved or new components
    rEditDate - allows very quick and user friendly entering of date (many shortcuts, possibility to enter day only or day+month with any separator, dropdown calendar)
    Button - new property ImagesDisabled allows to use the same image list as for toolbar and menus
    ImageList Ex - store images in external compressed resource file, can block storing images in DFM file, automatically resize images after scale change
    Mapi Email - generate email including attachments by few lines of code with Unicode support

component package Database VCL components

  • DBGrid updated - impressive DBGrid with many new functions and improvements, new inplace editors (HTML and Rich textnew, Checkbox, DropDown list with images and custom drawing, DateTimePicker, ColorPicker, Memo and Graphics Field editors), hyperlinks in cell, images and glyphs in title or data cell, provides column grouping with merged cell, sorting and filtering (filter bar, funnel filter like in Excel, filter footer with condition MRU) new, column autofit, hints for titles or data cell, calculation of SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, footer grid, drag and drop support, new events for detailed setting of cells properties and many more...
  • DBGrid MS - DBGrid expansion with multi select support and definable events, show checkboxes in fixed column for multi select functions, definable colors of selected rows
  • DBStringGrid - StringGridEd extension with functions for batch loading and saving data from/to dataset, supports showing and editing data in simple table, multitable, pivot table or multirow format
  • DBRecordView - show and edit one dataset record in 2 columns grid with definable properties of each row and supports lookup, boolean, memo and image fields
  • DBTreeView - show records from one or more dataset in tree form (useful mainly for master-detail dataset), unlimited number of datasets, adjustable fonts, color and images for each record
  • Improved DBComponents - set of enhanced DB editing components with bound label and many improvements; DBEdit, DBMemo, DBComboBox, DBListBox, DBLookupComboBox with custom drawing, DBEditDate, DBDateTimePicker, DBImage with all editing functions and PNG support, DBCheckListBox, DBBlob, DBButton, DBRecordSelection...)
  • XLS Export, SLK Export, TXT Export - components export data from any DBGrid or dataset to Excel, table form or text, can add titles and summary, XLS Export can add data to existing XLS file as new sheet or append as new rows and can export also images to XLS file
  • RTF Report, XML Report (DOCX and ODT format) updated - components generate printable RTF, DOCX or ODT documents according prepared template file with special TAGs, user can modify or add new types of report, result of report is again file which can be saved, printed out, converted to PDF etc.

component package DB Dialogs and Actions

Set of all database actions, menus, toolbars and dialogs useable in any database application.
  • prepared universal tools and dialogs for Sorting, Filtering, Selecting of Grid columns and properties, Exporting, Printing, Copying etc. updated
  • very easy and fast development of DB application
  • reusable for any DBGrid with any database components
  • new modern design of all toolbar icons and dialogs
See details

component package Universal DB Components

Set of extended DB components (Connection, Query, Visual DB Components) which can be used instead of standard db components and provide the same properties and functions for different types of databases.
It allows to convert application from one database type to another very easily.
UDB now supports:
  • dbGo (ADO)
  • dbExpress (DBX)
  • FireDac (FD)
  • Interbase (IB)
  • FIBPlus
  • ZEOS
Visual UDB components (Edit, Combo, ListBox, CheckListBox...) contain internal TQueryUDB dataset with definable SQL command for loading of list values and events for setting of SQL in run time, so no other auxiliary dataset and datasource is needed on the form. It can show bounded labels and buttons used for enhanced selection of value or showing details of selected record dependently on application.
See details

component package Property saver components

Set of components which provide all function for automatic saving and restoring of window position, controls state, Grid content and appearance, DBGrid Columns properties and any other values to INI file.
  • easy to use (without line of code)
  • ready to store properties of standard VCL components, Grids and DBGrids (including columns properties)
  • very easy to extend to save properties of another components
  • complex but very small solutions (increase EXE file only by 13kB)
See details

component package DB Track components

Provides all functions for tracking of changes in any datasets. Generates log records with detailed information regarding events (edit, insert, delete) and changed values in selected fields. Save log records to defined table in any database.
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Version info
Version: 17.6 new
for RAD 2010, XE-XE8, 10-12
Last update: Dec 2023
What is new
Components and dialogs are now avaiable in following languages:
English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese.
Other language can be added on request.
Documentation update
There are comments for all new properties and functions directly in source code, PasDoc is used to generate online documentation.
Open documentation for:
- VCL components
- DB dialogs and actions
- UDB components
RosiComps is placed on Torry's page too.
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