All Types

Name Unit Description
TChangeMasterDetailProc rDBFind

Callback procedure for changing of master-detail relationship during searching

TConfigPDFPrinter RTFRep_DialogEx

Information record for dialog, define dialog events and properties

TDataSetListEx RTFRep_DialogEx

List of datasets for one report

TDBBatchUpdateRecordAction rDBBatchUpdate

Callback action

TDBBatchUpdateRecordProc rDBBatchUpdate

Callback procedure for update process

TDlgAutoAction RTFRep_DialogEx


TFindDefDetailArr rDBFind

define array for master-detail searching

TGetOtherActionState dm_rdbaction


TrDBImport_BackupCallBack rDBImport

callback event for creating of backup

TrDBImport_LogCallBack rDBImport


TRunOtherAction dm_rdbaction


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